Friday, October 24, 2008

Ooo la la....

Hey ya...Finally joosing get to slot some of her time to update update sikit... ... was very very very busy... due to the Guang Ming's newspaper, We are blessed with many many new customers! Thanks to Ms Koh and her gang for the great interview last month.
Thanks for the wonderful write-out. Felt so touched and very encouraging. (Eventhough we don know how to read in chinese but we ask people to translate the whole page and also we tranlate the webpage by google language tool..hehe...)
It was fun doing this interview, no pressure at all! They are so friendly and funny camera man too. =) Anyway, THANKS GUANG MING DAILY NEwspaper!
Here's the link for web newspaper. for those who missed out, click on the link! =) pictures4you~!
Forever friends theme !
Forever friends bear holding the alphabet of the birthday girl's name! E.S.T.E.R

Tarzan =_= look abit funny here..hehe
The whole thing look sweet

Celebrating for 2 friends, which each of the triagle top and bottom indicate their lovely friends' favourite.. Good idea !

Little garden suits everyone! from young to adult..
Some simple plus zodiac Tiger fro theri boss!

RAINBOW BEARSS & Piggies!!!!
Baby Mickey , Minnie, Pluto And Donald Duck !! At last we made it fro mickey mouse design but, only for the baby type... =)

Simple * Sweet * Lovely
SEB groupe with the products that they are selling! CUTE CUTE CUTE.. We have iron, kettle, hair dryer, hand vaccum, Blender, Bread Toaster.. All from ther brand!

The cute cute iron!!

This pic is kinda old though, i miss it out, so i post it now!!! All pink!

Happy birthday September babies.. simple and nice!

Rilakkuma CArtoon! so cute nia!

Dad & Mom Birthday cupcakes by Ruby! Both her mom & dad sameb bday! And both rabbit indicate them! =) Sweet!

Blue BLue Cupcakes from a sister to her brother that just came back form Scotland, dat is why they is a scotland flag there! and he is pharmacist, that is why so many pills there..lolx!

Some muffin design for wedding or any other occasion


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