Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Extreme cupcakes!

Happy Deepavali to all!!
Deepavali is over and now Happy Halloween!
This is what I mean extreme cupcakes! We made the Mahjong set (not complete set of cos) cupcakes! They are super adorable!! And this is our first attempt! Successful! hehe. Was suffering with the chinese character.. haha..but it was fun and exiting doing new cupcakes' design!

Another extreme one will be this cute cute cute Pingu & friends~ I mean his friends are all the underwater creatures! hehe... I (joosing) personal love this design.. First time making pingu too!


Another extreme cupcakes~ Pig bathing is bathtub! =)

Porkchop & Friend with goofy!

Teddy tales!

8 teddys with 1 pig~!

Parents Anniversary! Very creative daughter send in their orders. They wanna have their parents likes & dislikes!
Dad : Love DSLR, Pen,Watch, Coffee, 4D and Strongly dislike Chillies! =)
Mom: Love Purse, Shoes, Bracelet, Rice, $$ and Dislike Japanese food!


Parents Anniversary, Simple with couple of teddy bear hugging! =)

Sweet wife wants to surprise her husband with some special cakes this year, and she ordered this husband and herself with their 3 children.. With lovely and warm feel...hope u like u!

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