Sunday, October 19, 2008

New photos!

Another bunch of new updates..
A special gift from a friend ..
With pretty packaging =)

This is cute idea from one of our customers, Piggies in swimming trunk and bikini...BEACH PARTY!!!!

Loves the little little bread...for a girl who desire to open a bakery shop in future! all the best gal!

Different character of Sammi Cheng, The faces don look like sammi at all, but we did our best .. =) This girl bringing to all the way to Singapore for her fren's bday.. so sweet!

Patrink the red red doggy!

Atashinci!!! The whole family character.I (joosing) did dis for a fren of mine staying in kl. As she loves to watch this cartoon.. and she actually influences me too. its a very funny cartoon! >< ITs kinda messed up as i was taking flight and too many things in hand... =(

After many many emails and after almost 5 months of emailing and discussing, at last, its a success!!!! Happy 1st Month Jayden Cupcakes' is done!
Really glad to receive an email from u guys saying u love it..
We are very happy and honorsly, this is the very first batch of fullmoon order which such a big amount order too.. it was very tiring but was very excited and fun doing it!!

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wow.. so nice...