Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The above prices applies on normal fresh cream design only.

****Any 3D figuring (fondant/sugarpaste) design added will be charge based on the difficulty of the design. Please do email me the design that you wish to request so that I can quote the price for you. Thanks


Taking care of the sugarpaste:

Hi all, this is just some information about the sugarpaste/fondant.

The 3D figuring is all 100% handmade from imported fondant. Due to the weather in our country.Its very hard to manage as well as to maintain the figuring. We had tried out many ways to keep the figuring stay pretty all the time.

Ways of keeping the3D figurine from out-of-shape, sweating and melting are:-

1. Best is Place them in a AIR-CONDITIONED room.
2. Do not put them in the refrigerator as the temperature will cause them to sweat once its out from the fridge.
3. To keep for extended period, sugarpaste must be dried completely. Do so by placing them in a dry place for more than 3 weeks or more.
By following this tips, you should be able to keep your cute little sugarpaste figuring for a long time!!