Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Updates!!!

This are all muffin size cupcakes
Individually packed.

Mini cupcakes
26th Wedding Anniversary for their beloved parents..sweeet!

Engagement cupcakes !

Soccer cupcakes!

Outdoors Activities! Sorry for some mistake here Nelly!

Paul Frank !!


MeiYi said...

may i noe the Engagement cupcakes is how many cupcake n around how much?

Toong said...

Why ur shop look like a printing shop? Do ur shop have sample to see which i can make my choice? How many design do u offer?

cupcakes4you said...

Hi Please do email us for enquiries thanks

Toong: We are homemade and our cupcakes does not have a shop, the printing shop id other ppl's business.. my house don have any samples and its all in the blog.. Designs are mostly all customised by customer