Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Woooo.......Lotsa new pictures!!

Hello people, after sooooo long , finally new pictures are up! Sorry >< ..
So, Louise ordered for her Dad's 5oth Birthday! She was so excited and told us that her dad is an travel agency..so she wanted a luggage, plane and dad's face! Here are the 9 muffin cupcakes that she requested!
Love this cute little plane...hehe

Someone wanted to make a very very special cakes for her 83 years old ahma...and think of having cupcakes! =) She called us quite last minute, she wanted so much to make somthing real special for her grandma.. Her Ah Ma loves cooking. And she wanted a figure of 83 form by the cuppies.. so the outcome ....

Ahma with her kitchen!!! So cute can? =)
Wedding cuppies!!!!! Yeah....this is the second time of doing wedding cuppies. The place look so awesome... So in love! hehe.. This customer orders 150 mini cuppies with tiers! So sweet!
Sesame street cuppies!!!
First time doing this...i love it!
Nicole order cupcakes from us again! Thanks girl! She wanted to have a wild theme! She requested to have SPERMS & BOOBIES as the borders and 2 girls! and party feel! Here's the outcome! Eat the sperm!! haha
Rachel's 13th! She wanted some sweet and lovely and cute cuppies for her special day. And we make this for her...she was happy with it and we are happy too..
Sheeps, Bees, Dogs and sushi for her loved one!
Here come all the special customised cupcakes from alll the lovely daughthers and sons...
So sweet of them! we are glad to help u guys!


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