Monday, May 19, 2008

Another week has past...

And another bunch of cuppies has created!!! ....weeeeeeeee
so here are some of our new creation, no doubt its challenging, but it was fun fun fun!

First, as usual, fruitty cuppies!


And, smiley faces!!! Rainbow colour wordingS!


joosing's cousin bday, and her aunty ordered this..some sushi and pups! hope she like it!!

Happy Birthday girl..

Winnie the pooh & friends!!!
So, this is one of our big challenge. One of our friends wanted winnie the pooh and friends.
It was fun and at the same time worried. The faces of those character might not be the same as the real , hehe, but at least we did it! love the tigger!
Anyway, hope that our friend likes it too. =)
Tigger sitting down.
Tigger lying down..

The whole thing..

Angels cuppies!
One of our customers told me, her friend is a very shy girl..and she look innocent, and they wanted to have angels for her..and this is also our first attempt! and also some loves with arrows.... Love the angels!!!
Happy Sweet 16th Gal! Hope u enjoy the cuppies!

The whole thing....


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