Thursday, February 21, 2008

Someone's Big Day on Valentine

One of our friend's brother wanted to make a very special day on the Valentine' day..He then request from us to make 88cuppies with loves and sweet sweet design with the word

"Min,will you marry me? Collin" .080808

How sweet ......owwhh....heart melted..... =)

A little bear with crown and a diamond ring was presented together with the cupcakes. And the cuppies was sent on the Vday to her gf's office. I think his gf was really surprised. hehe. He told me that her gf's colleuge was very impressed with the cupcakes and the manager told him, after so many years working, this is the first time he see such pretty cakes. Its unique.

We are so glad that both of them love it! Thanks!

Anyway, We would like to CONGRATULATE both of u !

Here are the 88cuppies that we came out.

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Anonymous said...

TQ for all ur help!
i appreciated it....