Sunday, February 17, 2008

CNY & Vday cuppies!

Hi people, sorry for the late late update.
It was a busy week for us due to Chinese New Year and Valentine's day.
Lots of order was made for this 2 special occasions.
We missed out taking lots of the pic....aiiirr
Here are some of the 'activities' and the cuppies picture!
Thanks to some of them that help us up! =)
Here is the 56cuppies for Chinese New Year. Someone ordered 2 boxes of this.
And the most challeging part is to write the CHINESE CHARACTER!! oh my!!
Both of us are english ed and totally don't understand Chinese words. But at last we did it.
Not bad right? heheh

Some Mandarin Orange and the new year flowers. Both of them goes really well together.

And one of my Aunt ordered 2 boxes 9 muffin size cupcakes for her staff working in Bonia.
And she loves it!

xoxo xoxo xoxo
Here comes the Valentine's day orders!!
We started to bake on the 12th.
On the 13th was a very hectic and 'kan cheong' day for us because, calls keep coming in and customers keep coming to collect their cupcakes. So we need to be fast. For ur information, We do the design on the day itself and not 1 day before. So we are very 'kan cheong'...hahah But its fun fun fun!
Glad that our customers love it....Thanks people!!!
Here we are the OWNERS of cupcakes4you. So far, this is the first pic we took together while making the cupcakes.

Some of the lovely and adorable cuppies.

Yit! Whipping the cream..heheh
Js putting the love on the cupcakes!

Sindee helped us alot..Thanks dear!
And Jt the delivery boy on that day.....

Special order from our customer. Customized cuppies and packaging..

One of our customers ordered this special 56cuppies for her bf on Vday..
Such a lovely girl...

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