Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chinene New Year Cupcakes

Here come the Chinese New Year 2010 !U may now place ur order !

*Caution: We are only able to produce certain amount of quantity, so hurry! First come, first serve yo! *

Date of collection
is from 11th- 13th Feb 2010
Time of collection: 12pm- 4pm

Last Order will be on 6th Feb 2010 . So please hurry k!!)

Size: 4oz souffle cup (6cm Diameter)
Quantity: 9 cups per box
Packaging: Transparent Box with Red & Golden Ribbon with Cherry Blossom And *Huat*
Flavour: Green Tea , Pure Vanilla or ChocMoistCake!
Price: RM 88 /box only

Send in Ur order form to :
Please do not send the Christmas order to cupcakes4you@gmail.com

Example of what u need to send in =) :
Contact Number: 2

Date of collection: 11th / 12th / 13th Feb 2010 (Please State)

Time of collection:

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