Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weekend Street Market @ Gurney plaza

Hi people!

So sorry for the late updates, been busy with cupcakes and some private function.

I have a good news to announce where I will be having a little booth selling some cupcakes @ Street Market,Gurney Plaza!!!! and of cos some cute new stuffs for u guys to check it out at the booth too!

I will be there mainly to promote my cupcakes and can always ask me or my crew for more information.

The Street Market will starts this weekend onwards

Every Saturday and Sunday

Time: From 10.30am- 8.30pm

If u guys wanna see buy the cupcakes, come early. cos its allll LIMITED!

Look out for us at the "Gurney 1 Walk" Street Market @ Gurney Plaza

1 comment:

sherine said...

Joo Sing.
I'm 1st time visit here, is thru my friend's facebook picture and get your blog add. So happy n excited to view all mini mini n cute cute cupcakes....lov it~:)
Will be visit your counter at weekend street market @ gurney it near the Coffee beans there or??
And i think time is start from 10.30am ,not 10.30pm, is it?
but u typed wrong already...please check it..:)

Sherine Ng