Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some updates to reduce some boringness =)

Here's some of the not-so recent pcitures ( Got no time to post, pls forgive me )
Here u go... enjoy!
Casino theme - Roulette & chips & Dices

Proton Savvy -Cute!
Youtube logo!
Frolige Design~

What is this call huh? Erm.. i cant remember -

Customised cupcakes- with 21 number. good idea though!

Power puff girls on mini cake surrounded by medium cupcakes!

Sexy lady with bikini lying on the beach!


nuerulz Lv saidatul said...

nice design but can i know HALAL OR CAN EAT BY MUSLIM
because we take this too serious..

cupcakes4you said...


Thanks for the comment
I cant say my cupcakes is halal because we are homemade. but definitely no pork, no lard been use in the cupcakes. and no alcohol too.