Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hi people out there!

Happy Chinese New Year!
I know many of you have been asking about the Valentine's Day design!!!
But please do give me some time. The design will be out by 4th Feb 2009
As i have been cracking my head to come out with new and unique designs. There will be few designs. And different range of price.

So , you guys can have more options as well as price that are suitable for u!

Til Then!!!

Come back again to check out the design ya



mombloggersplanet said...


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Big Siang said...

hey guys, love ur new look on ur blogspot page. nice CSS controls used..

would await ur Valentine's Day package.. can personalise or not?

angel_ivy said...

Yap....can have less sugar one a? =P

cheng ling said...

Can't wait.I emailed u b4. Haha...Will contact u again once u blog on ur new designs.