Thursday, November 13, 2008

A little bit quick update!

Those are new new bacth of cupcakes we have made last few weeks, was so busy to upcate again. Sorry... here u goes... I will be cutting down wording because im in hurry . Takecare, joosing
Wedding samples, Muffin size.

Peikei all the way from Kl ordered this for her bf's bday.THanks pei Kei!!!

Doubleeeee Burger!

Not so look-a-alike Kungfu panda =)

Hello kitty

Escuse me for taking picture on the washing machine, because i need some sun to brighten the picture =P

Halloweeen Theme!!

Papaya Girl n Garfield

CAt, dog, monkey, bear, rabbit ,chicken , piggy, tortoise

I love the colour here!

Happy Graduation !

Naruto's Characters!


BArney and Friends

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