Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas package!

Hello people out there!!!!

Chrismas A :

Christmas B :

The Christmas 2008 package is now here! Yuhoooooooooooooooo!
U may now place ur order ! *Caution: We are only able to produce certain amount of quantity, so hurry! First come, first serve yo! *

Date of collection is from 20th December - 24th December 2008
Time of collection: 3pm- 10pm

Last Order will be on 15 Decemeber 2008 . So please hurry k!!

Design : 2 types to choose from (Christmas A and B)

Size: 2oz souffle cup
Quantity: 4 cups in a box
Packaging: Silver box , Transparent from the top & Ribbon
Flavour: Vanilla In Love with Choco & Chocochoc!
Price: RM 18/box only

Send in Ur order form to :

Example of what u need to send in =) :

Name: Joo Sing
Contact Number: 016 414 0602
Christmas A Quantity: 4 box
Christmas B Quantity: 2 box
Date of collection: 20/21/22/23/24 DEC (colour and bold ur collection date)
Time of collection: 3pm
*** Deposit is needed for purchase above RM50***
After we received ur order form, u will get a confirmation email from us! And ur order only will be consider confirm.


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Marvin said...

Ok, I found the map at the sidebar.
Merry Xmas in advance!