Saturday, October 4, 2008


We are so sorry for no pictures for sooooooo long... Here u go..this is only some of it..there are lots more where we really dont have time to uploads.. so we choose the best one for u guys!
Some of them are really cool..hehe
Lets start of with The hari raya cuppies!
Sweet Sweet Raya cuppies!

Apple shop's staff ordered this for their gathering..
Underwater world!!
Cat and Food!
Pandas and Teddy!

ERms... Each of the items related to the birthday man!
This one for little Samuel who loves Animals! Their loved one ordered for him.. We heard that they love it.. =) Thanks!
Maple story and chihuahuan pup..
Wedding gift ...for their fren's wedding.. =)

Coffee Bean Lover, Shopperholic and Kicap Lover! haha..VEry cute!

Many Many Many Chickens and Piggies!!

Many faces of Spongebob!

Altera's september babies celebretion. with their faces!
This is one of our favourite!!!! Cos we are dog lovers too...

This four cute little pups! i love them!

Another dog lover, Order this cuppies for her dog's birthday!! The little duckling is puzzle's favourite toy! Woof!!

Individual pack with 1 muffin!
Pokerman and friends!

Music Lover! Piano, Drum sEt, Guitar as well as all the notes! last someone ordered Forever Friend's Theme....
Mommy loves her boy..and orders this fro her little boy... He loves car, aeroplane, piggy, ball, and "nen nen pok"... hehe So cute!

Pricess Ming...

Tweety bird & Chicken Little..

Winnie the Pooh Theme!!

Lovely and Sweeettt teddy Bear in garden...from a guy to a girl... =)
Owh.... so sweeeet...
Fullmoon Celebration!! with baby bottles, pacifier, baby booty, teddy bears... ( Joosing's first newphew =) hehe..

Close friends for many many years!
Thanks for ur feedback!

Our best friend's wedding!!
Detective Canon!!!!

Flaming Hot, Dracula and butterflies!
Nike Sneakers. Cute Cakes!

Transformer! Bumble Bee.. This is is super hard!!!!
Its so detail that took me few hours to finish it!

That's all! Phew!

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sze-fan said...

love the animals and spongebob one. very nice! good work =)