Monday, August 18, 2008

Dear all,
We would like to apologize for not updating our blog for quite some time due to some technical problem. We are trying to fix everything out as soon as possible.
Feel free to give us a call if there are any enquiries:
Joosing : 016 414 0602
Poh Yit : 012 426 6593
Time : 10am-10pm
  • For ur information we are actually not doing this for full-time. Its just a part-time interest =)
  • And its all online home-based business.
  • We do not have physical shop.
  • All cupcakes are made upon orders only.
  • Please do not come to our house to ask for sample because we really dont have it as all cupcakes are made upon order. U can just call us up or email us. Its even more convinient to u guys.
  • Pictures are all available in our album.
  • Besides, the prices are prior to change depends on the design.
  • For orders that need complicated design, please do make it earlier (1 week in advanced), so that we will try to manage the time as well as to see whether we are able to make it or not.
We would also like to apologize that sometime orders cant be taken due to our job.
Your co-operation are very highly appreciated.
Thank You
Joosing & Poh Yit

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