Sunday, May 25, 2008


Someone is getting married, she want something special, and we met up one day to discuss.
we are so touched by her love stories..
She ordered one for hantaran and one for her wedding day ceremony.
Everything she ordered is customised, even we used different cups for her...
(*the cup is currently not available yet* will be out soon )

Below is the cupcakes for her wedding day, suppose to have 3 tiers. she made it for herself, and this will be on the toppest tier..with 'The Winter Love' feel...Snowy feeling, angels, snowman, snowflakes, swan, winter jacket and glove, and hearts!

And this is the hantaran, sorry bout the packaging, cos i think u suppose to have ur own colour theme for hantaran, so , i just make it simple. This hantaran has a story too...Very sweet and romantic of the couples...every single cupcakes has a story itself...

Hope both of u love it and
CONGRATULATION on ur wedding day!!!

Here are the mini cuppies that ordered for a 1 year old baby!! Her mother don have any suggestion and ask us to so watever we here are the cuppies
Teddy bear!

Baby booties!!!

Baby bottle, ladybirds, cute faces!


Here's the whole thing!!

Happy 1st Birthday girl!
Erm, Happy Hours @ The Bar.. for Penang Bar Committee, ( Penang lawyers committee)
We have The Gavel used by judges,. A mug of beer , The cloth band lawyers wear on their neck when attending high court, martini glass, rolled up contract with a seal, music note , set of book, simple version of the Penang Bar Logo..

Heres the whole thing....hope u guys enjoy it!!

Pool table, Party and Beer!

Some sweet bf from oversea ordered this for her gf for her 21st birthday!

Another girl from Aussie ordered some cute cuppies for her fren!
Hers special order from her.
Sushi and tiara and phone!

And this Gingerbread man, Book with medals and jelly fish!

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