Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cupcakes !

Cupcakes with Like and Dont Like Stuff..hehe
This girl SLEEPS alot ( piggy for her), She loves eyeliner and everytime
take out her mirror from her handbag and mirror herself. =) Her sis told me,
her favourite food is Sushi? Spaghetti?...haha.. Her best fren told me she likes
Levis's Jean. And As i know, She Really really afraid of dogs! Thats y the no entry sign is beside the little cute doggie...*kesien*
Little girl with her chocolate colour handbag (current handbag) represent her.
4 cute faces represent her 4 frens that give her this cupcakes.
A special gift for her loved one.
With Cats and Mouse and Cheesie!!
A very sweet fren ordered this cupcakes to surprise her frens.

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