Saturday, March 1, 2008

LV Lover!
One of my friends order 56cuppies for her friend, and I have no idea how to come out with new design. So i asked her..What is your friend's favourite. She told me LV ! Oh My...and the first thing in my mind is to come out with the LV logo...Here are the outcome...First try, not bad! haha.. Hope she like it! Hope to do more of this...and i added some Choc and Strawberries....

Sya, one of my customers from Perak study in Penang wanted to do something special and memoriable to her classmates as she is graduating soon... So she orders 140cuppies to surprise her classmate..So sweet of her...Here are her colourful cuppies!

Love for mummny.....She loves purple and she gave a mom a surprive by delivering to her door step. My heart felt so nice and happy when i see someone smile from her heart. I really do.
Another order for mommy's birthday.....

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